PicPick v4.0.3

All in one screen print tool that will grab, edit, save, and share screen captures

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    Screen Capture

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    Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows XP

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    6.6 (112)

PicPick is a handy screen capturing tool that has a variety of editing functions.

There are times when it is advantageous to have a small photo editing tool. Photoshop and some of the massive tools are effective in some situations, but in others, PicPick is ideal.

This program is very helpful when you are looking to edit simple images. You will be able to edit brightness, contrast, grayscale, pixilation, color adjustment, and a variety of special effects. Some of the handy tools built into the program include color pickers, pixel rulers and magnifiers. There is also a whiteboard feature, allowing you to draw and write directly on the screen.

PicPick is not just an image editor. It is also a screen capturing tool. If there is an image on your monitor, you’ll be able to capture the image that you want. You can choose to do a full screen capture, an active window capture, or a defined area capture. The only thing that it does not do is capture within a website.

One of the primary benefits to PicPick is that you will be able to work with multiple documents at the same time. Customizable keyboard shortcuts can be created, allowing you to manage your captures effectively. If you want to save captured images, you can set it up to be done automatically. You can choose to send your captured images to another application, copy them to a Windows clipboard, or even upload them to an FTP server.

You may find that that the settings menu is hidden. This can make it difficult to access, especially when you are trying to make some basic adjustments to the way that the program works. If you go into Help and then About, you will be able to see the settings menu – and that is the only way.

Overall, when you are looking to be able to capture images from your screen and edit images in a simple manner, this program is going to work very effectively for you. It has been rated very well and it is freeware, which means that there is no expense involved with using the program.

It is a very small download, which allows you to download it and begin using it within minutes. You can choose whether you are looking for PicPick Portable or the desktop version, based upon where you are editing images. If you do not want the program downloaded to your computer where it will show up on the registry, you can select the portable option.

While you are not going to get multiple layer support or anything fancy with this editing tool, you will be able to greatly enhance images that you have on your computer. The various features make it easy to use, regardless of whether you are a beginner or an advanced user.


  • Portable or desktop version
  • Free
  • Many editing tools


  • No support for web capture
  • Settings are hidden

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